Canvas Sneakers Under $30

You might think a pair of canvas sneakers are easy to find, but to find the perfect pair you’ve usually been through a couple of pairs. It’s not a problem, but then again, you don’t need 20 pairs of sneakers, especially being a guy with a ‘lean wardrobe’ rule. Sounds like your mom or girlfriend talking to you 😉 But you’ll be surprised how well you can combine one pair of great canvas shoes!

Just looking at Carl Cunard’s style makes us question the number of shoes one would need (yea, he owns a lot!) but at the same time he knows how to combine each and every one of them perfectly, which inspired us to a post about canvas sneakers only. And make sure to visit his Instagram also, you won’t regret it, he is H-O-T! 😉

These are are our favourite canvas sneakers:


1. Red Twill Sneakers: $24.99

2. Cotton Lining Canvas Sneaker in Beige: $24.99

3. Blue Twill Sneakers: $19.99

4. Chambray Cotton Fabric Sneakers: $17.99

5. White Woven Cotton Sneakers: $19.99

6. Blue Chambray Cotton Sneakers: $17.99

7. Canvas Sneaker in Light Grey: $19.99

8. Dark Blue Twill Sneakers: $9.99 ($19.99)

Adidas Stan Smith under $50

Kanye is wearing them, Pharrell is wearing them, Rita Ora, Kate Moss, etc. etc. etc. But to be honest, they are quite expensive – paying something between 80 and 100 bucks were not worth it for me, so I started looking and found these starting at $31.99. Although these are not the white/green ones I still think they look awesome with their colorful patterns, and you definitely make a statement with these anyway. Besides, its summer!