Sassy Fringed Skirts under $20

Coachella is over, but that just means festival season just started – only one more reason to love fringed skirts!

One of our most favorite female fashion bloggers Charlotte Groeneveld obviously wore her fringed skirt during a slightly cooler weather, but we love love love this look so much just because of the playful but elegant skirt, that we have to carry this statement piece through spring and summer.

And what season is better than festival season to rock fringed skirts?

Well, you might even look twice at the pieces we found for you, but you can believe those price tags – almost all of them are on sale and ready to be seen on the streets.

Combine your fringed skirt with a basic top, sneaker and cute sunnies or during a girlsnight out with heels and a statement clutch. Be prepared to turn some heads with those looks, because no one misses can ignore fringed skirts, that’s for sure :-)

1. Black Skirt with Fringe at Hem: $9.99 ($24.99)

2. Suede Tassel Belt Bodycon Skirt: $17.96 ($34.10)

3. Suedette Asymmetric Fringed Tassel Mini Skirt: $17.99 ($35.99)

4. Black Skirt with Fringe: $9.99 ($24.99)

5. Red Faux Suede Fringed Skirt: $18.99

6. Black Lace Fringed Midi Skirt: $15.99

Starbucks Cups Under $10

Did you know that coffee is a global commodity second only to oil? And we don’t know about you guys, but we at stylebudget can’t live without our coffee and we’ve been longing for these cute Starbucks cups for a while now and now most of them are on sale!

These are the cutest Starbucks cups

1. Rainbow Macarons Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

2. Blue Floral Mug: $9.95

3. Mint Floral Mug: $9.95

4. Blue Plaid Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

5. Kitten at Play Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

6. Poppies Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

7. Globe Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

8. Tortoise and Hare Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

9. Bicycle Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

10. Ferris Wheel Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

11. XOXO Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)

12. Telephone Mug: $9.07 ($12.95)


You can find the whole collection of Starbucks Cups and Mugs here, although we think their spring collection is particulary cute.

Please keep in mind that Starbucks Store will charge $5.95 for shipping but with this code “AFF10” you’ll get up to 40% Off Sale Items, 10% Off your fiest Order and Free Shipping On $75.

We can’t gurantee if these cups are available in their offline stores.

The Cutest Festival Bags Under $30

Finally. It’s the time of the year again and some of us are lucky enough to be able to go to Coachella or any other festival to have the best time with your friends while enjoying great music, inspirational art and all sorts of creative people – especially their outfits, rounded up with the perfect festival bags <3 Continue reading The Cutest Festival Bags Under $30

Light blue nail polish for spring under $10

Candy colors are a must have this spring and we can’t forget about our nails especially, they need to look like spring as well – and that you can achieve with a bright blue nail polish!

The color might come off as a cool winter mood color but not so for this spring, since you can match it with all kinds of colors that we can wear now.

Combine it with black, white, grey, purple, even yellow and you’re good to go! You’ll love the look especially with a pair of blue jeans 😉

We would even go so far and put on some light blue eyeshadow. But you gotta make sure its the right shade of blue for your skin tone.

And as always, it doesn’t have to be expensive and we need our money for many, many other colors, too…

So we made it our mission to find you the most amazing light blue nail polish colors online


1. Essie Pret-a-Surfer: $8.50

2. Floss Gloss Wavepool: $7.99

3. NYX Pastel Sea: $5

4. Zoya Lilian: $3.59

5. OPI Gelato On My Mind: $10

6. Peppermint Blue: $5.99

7. OPI To Infinity And Blue-yond: $7.75

8. RickyColor Shakespeare In The Park: $3.25 ($6.50)

Seriously in Check with Justin from Scoutsixteen

At first sight check shirts are probably not for everyone and most guys would stay away from them because its just “too much”, but if there is one guy that will make you want a shirt like that right now because he really knows how to rock button down checked shirts then its Justin from If you love the one he wears here you can find it at EXPRESS, but we wouldn’t be stylebudget if we didn’t find you a bunch under $20 here 😉

Long Checked Flannel Shirt in Red: $19.90 ($29.99)

Plaid Premium Cotton Shirt in Dark Blue: $19.99 ($39.99)

Checked Oxford Shirt in Green: $14.99 ($29.99)

Cotton Shirt in Red-Blue: $17.99 ($29.99)

Long Twill Shirt in Black-White: $17.99 ($29.99)