Seriously in Check with Justin from Scoutsixteen

At first sight check shirts are probably not for everyone and most guys would stay away from them because its just “too much”, but if there is one guy that will make you want a shirt like that right now because he really knows how to rock button down checked shirts then its Justin from If you love the one he wears here you can find it at EXPRESS, but we wouldn’t be stylebudget if we didn’t find you a bunch under $20 here 😉

Long Checked Flannel Shirt in Red: $19.90 ($29.99)

Plaid Premium Cotton Shirt in Dark Blue: $19.99 ($39.99)

Checked Oxford Shirt in Green: $14.99 ($29.99)

Cotton Shirt in Red-Blue: $17.99 ($29.99)

Long Twill Shirt in Black-White: $17.99 ($29.99)

The coolest backpacks for guys

Seriously, we can’t stop looking at some male fashion bloggers and their awesome style sometimes, but when it comes to “how to style a backpack” the one who struck us the most this week was definitely Sabir from Men’s Style Pro.

I mean look at it! Makes us want to buy the whole outfit for our men, but lets focus on backpacks for now – we made it our mission to find some more cool ones here (And ladies, make sure you bookmark his blog for your man!):

1. Grey backpack with strap details: $26 ($ 52)

2. Backpack in red faux leather: $25.50 ($43)

3. Blue D-Struct backpack: $27 ($86)

4. Khaki green canvas backpack: $29.99

5. Burgundy faux leather trimmed backpack: $29.90

6. Muzee black vintage canvas backpack: $19.99 ($35.99)

Sexy Burgundy Outfit under $125

During winter and fall you can never go wrong with some burgundy pieces in your wardrobe and although we are approaching spring on a fast pace I feel like we need to give this rich color one last outing:

1. Quilted Boxy Jacket Black: $26

2. NYX Butter Lipstick Licorice: $7.65

3. Bandage Zip Through Midi Bodycon Dress: $35

4. Two-strand Necklace: $9.99

5. Gypsy Warrior Late Clutch: $16

6. Grey Suede Cutout Heels: $29.99 ($49.99)

Office & After Work Outfit

Our OOTD can be worn on a summer day at the office but also works straight afterwards for a drink on a rooftop bar (don’t we just love them!) or a great dinner. Best thing about this outfit – you can buy all pieces in one shop and they are all on sale:

Red Chiffon Camisole Top:  $12 ($24.95)

Black Loose fit Pants: $15 ($24.95)

Small Patterned Clutch Bag: $12.95

Black Flats: $10 ($14.95)

Gold Multistrand Necklace: $7 ($12.95)

Gold Cuff Bracelet: $4 ($5.95)