The coolest backpacks for guys

Seriously, we can’t stop looking at some male fashion bloggers and their awesome style sometimes, but when it comes to “how to style a backpack” the one who struck us the most this week was definitely Sabir from Men’s Style Pro.

I mean look at it! Makes us want to buy the whole outfit for our men, but lets focus on backpacks for now – we made it our mission to find some more cool ones here (And ladies, make sure you bookmark his blog for your man!):

1. Grey backpack with strap details: $26 ($ 52)

2. Backpack in red faux leather: $25.50 ($43)

3. Blue D-Struct backpack: $27 ($86)

4. Khaki green canvas backpack: $29.99

5. Burgundy faux leather trimmed backpack: $29.90

6. Muzee black vintage canvas backpack: $19.99 ($35.99)