backpacks for guys

The coolest backpacks for guys

Seriously, we can’t stop looking at some male fashion bloggers and their awesome style sometimes, but when it comes to “how to style a backpack” the one who struck us the most this week was definitely Sabir from Men’s Style Pro.

I mean look at it! Makes us want to buy the whole outfit for our men, but lets focus on backpacks for now – we made it our mission to find some more cool ones here (And ladies, make sure you bookmark his blog for your man!):

1. Grey backpack with strap details: $26 ($ 52)

2. Backpack in red faux leather: $25.50 ($43)

3. Blue D-Struct backpack: $27 ($86)

4. Khaki green canvas backpack: $29.99

5. Burgundy faux leather trimmed backpack: $29.90

6. Muzee black vintage canvas backpack: $19.99 ($35.99)

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