plain white tee

How to style a plain white tee

Looking at Mija‘s style we love her sense of minimalism that never gets boring. She really knows how to add a simple item, like the plain white tee, into her look just to make it stand out again.

This time she pulled it off again just perfectly and we feel the urge to go get a bunch of simple white tees! And they don’t even have to be expensive, just go for a light cotton tee, perfect for the warmer days. Those can be find everywhere, but as always we make sure you don’t have to look for yourself of course.

Will it look as effortless and sophisticated as on her? We can only try and hope :-)

Get her plain white tee look

Sunglasses: $6.99

Soft V-Neck Jersey Shirt: $9.99

Black Skinny Jeans: $19.99

Grey Chunky Sweater: $12.98

Espadrilles: $7 ($12.95)

Grey Fold Over Handbag: $39.99

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