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Pretty Home Office Decor Under $30

If you are working from home (Hello, Bloggers!) or occasionally need to work from home we know it is much more effective when done from a nice area. And with the right home office decor it can turn to your own holy ‘working station’. It really doesn’t hurt if your desk looks pretty, it’s just another motivation to sit down with your morning coffee and get some s**t done.

You won’t think of it at first, but the most important thing is storage, storage, storage. Or can you imagine waking up and thinking about a messy desk? You’d rather stay in bed doing nothing than to work from an unorganized working area – been there, done that.

Also you’ve got to make sure your desk area gets a lot of natural lighting, otherwise it won’t be inviting to get to work and you’ll feel tired early. We all know, more light means more energy!

Now we hope we could motivate you a little bit to re-arrange your home office and turn it to a nice and comfortable place to work from. In the end it’s all about work ethics, and that (unfortunately) can’t be bought 😉 but our decor tips might help anyway, you’ll be surprised how much it’s gonna improve your motivation to actually sit down and maybe you won’t even mind the extra hours once in a while!

Get your Home Office Decor Items under $30

Clear Glass Bottle For Your Pencils: $18.61

Round Succulent Planter In A White Ceramic Pot: $9.99 ($15.99)

Ranarp Nickel Plated Work Lamp: $27.99

Glass Box With Gold Metal Frame: $17.99

Golden Scissors: $10.63

Striped Hard Cover Journal ‘Happy Thoughts’: $13.99

Large Paper Storage Basket: $9.99

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