blue nail polish

Light blue nail polish for spring under $10

Candy colors are a must have this spring and we can’t forget about our nails especially, they need to look like spring as well – and that you can achieve with a bright blue nail polish!

The color might come off as a cool winter mood color but not so for this spring, since you can match it with all kinds of colors that we can wear now.

Combine it with black, white, grey, purple, even yellow and you’re good to go! You’ll love the look especially with a pair of blue jeans 😉

We would even go so far and put on some light blue eyeshadow. But you gotta make sure its the right shade of blue for your skin tone.

And as always, it doesn’t have to be expensive and we need our money for many, many other colors, too…

So we made it our mission to find you the most amazing light blue nail polish colors online


1. Essie Pret-a-Surfer: $8.50

2. Floss Gloss Wavepool: $7.99

3. NYX Pastel Sea: $5

4. Zoya Lilian: $3.59

5. OPI Gelato On My Mind: $10

6. Peppermint Blue: $5.99

7. OPI To Infinity And Blue-yond: $7.75

8. RickyColor Shakespeare In The Park: $3.25 ($6.50)

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