Get Your Cute Summer Picnic Decor For Under $20

Why are we doing a post about summer picnic decor? Well, take a look at the weather outside PLUS it’s the weekend – so yeah, you should grab your bike and couple of friends, drive down to the lake, beach or the next park and get into your picnic mood!

A couple of cushions, pretty lanterns, delicious snacks and you’re all set!


1. Rectangular Wooden Tray: $12.99 ($17.99)

2. Linen Napkin: $5.99

3. Metal Lantern: $5.99

4. Patterned Seat Cushions: $5.99

5. Patterned Cushion Cover: $5.99

6. Vintage Picnic Basket: $15.99

7. 10pcs Plastic Wine Glasses: $13.23

8. 16pcs Dinner Plates: $2 ($4.67)

Decorate Your Spring Balcony For Under $20

It’s finally spring! And not only do we feel like we have to clean up but also dress up our home, especially our balcony or terrace – for the ones of us who are blessed to have one! Even if you have just a small balcony  you can make it a cozy place with the right essentials, and as always, without breaking your budget of course 😉

1. Patterned Cushion Cover: $5.99

2. Small Wooden Box: $7.99 ($14.99)

3. Outdoor String Lights: $19.95 ($66)

4. Silver Contemporary Candle Lantern: $19.77 ($89.99)

5. Black Woven Handloom Blanket: $18.45 ($23.99)

6. Golden Pot In Brushed Metal: $6.99

7. Metal Tea Light Holder: $3.99

8. Large Glass Vase: $12.99 ($24.99)

9. Patterned Cotton Rug: $17.99 ($34.99)

Affordable St. Patricks Day Party Decor – Shipping Just In Time!

With St. Paddy’s Day just around the corner there might be that one thing missing for your party decor. It doesn’t have to be “just” green and boring, there is lots of affordable stuff online which even ships just in time to your door, so you can even avoid the struggle to look for them in stores:

1. St. Patrick’s Day Banner “Lucky”: $7

2. St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth – 20 Pieces Set: $19.99 ($24.99)

3. St. Patrick’s Day Balloons – 8 Pieces: $6.50

4. St. Patrick’s Day Straw Decor with Paper Straws – 24 Pieces Set: $12.99 ($17.99)

5. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Trays – 3 Pieces: $6.99

6. St. Patrick’s Day Party Bundle Set – 8 Pieces: $13.55

7. Green White Patterned Cushion Cover: $5.99

Decor under $10 to turn your bedroom into a relaxing haven

Its our bed we all anticipate after a long hard day of work and although on weekends we should get out more (move people!) with these essential decor items your bedroom is going to feel even more cozy and harder to leave 😉 So why not turn it into a retreat sanctuary, we deserve to get some rest before the week starts again, right?

Take a couple of cute pillows and place them on your bed, they will give it an instant boost of cozyness, for example with this turquoise cushion cover ($5) and a printed cotton cover ($2.99).

Sleep is the most important for your body to recover, why not do it in style with this padded sleeping mask ($6.99).

To give your bedroom a calming theme whats better to use than a framed print that delivers the message. You can find a lot of fun ones on Etsy, for example a “Let’s stay at home” typography print ($5.00).

Take off your jewelry when you go to bed, otherwise you can’t relax and might wake up with unpleasant pressure marks. Use this cute bunny ring holder ($8) and place it on your nightstand.

Currently there is nothing more hip than letter wall decor, just get the first letter of your name and place it on your shelves, wall or just standing on the floor. To turn your bedroom from preppy to a bit more cozy use this vintage look letter ($3.99).

What gives more atmosphere to a room than some candlelight, especially when you place a candle in one of these patterned candle holders ($4.99), it will instantly make you feel like you’re in a moroccan spa!

Monochrome Copper Dreams

I feel like everything thats copper is slowly disappearing from the shelves, but to be honest, I don’t care – I’m still so in love with copper decor and its hard for me to pass by a pretty copper candle lantern or basket. But since copper looks the best with black and white combinations I thought I’ll find the best deals for you, and all items are available at one shop – so convenient!

1. Copper Metal Plate: $7.99 ($12.95)

2. Black Wooden Candlestick: $10 ($12.95)

3. Small Metal Bowl: $3.99 ($6.95)

4. Cotton Cushion Cover: $12.95

5. Metal Storage Basket: $9.95

6. Copper Metal Basket: $12.95

7. Copper Metal Photo Frame: $12.95

8. Tea Light Holder: $3.95

9. Cotton Rug: $24.95