Get Your Cute Summer Picnic Decor For Under $20

Why are we doing a post about summer picnic decor? Well, take a look at the weather outside PLUS it’s the weekend – so yeah, you should grab your bike and couple of friends, drive down to the lake, beach or the next park and get into your picnic mood!

A couple of cushions, pretty lanterns, delicious snacks and you’re all set!


1. Rectangular Wooden Tray: $12.99 ($17.99)

2. Linen Napkin: $5.99

3. Metal Lantern: $5.99

4. Patterned Seat Cushions: $5.99

5. Patterned Cushion Cover: $5.99

6. Vintage Picnic Basket: $15.99

7. 10pcs Plastic Wine Glasses: $13.23

8. 16pcs Dinner Plates: $2 ($4.67)

The hottest high end swimsuits under $50

Swimsuits everywhere and since summer is approaching fast we don’t only have to get beach body ready but also look for cute ones to grace our bodys accordingly!

Look at the swimsuits we found for you – which are all on SALE (massively!)


1. Little Mistress Bandage Cut Out Detail Swimsuit: $46 ($63)

2. Minkpink Midnight Tribe Swimsuit: $43 ($86)

3. Tavik Deep V Zip Front Swimsuit With Racer Back: $47.50 ($142)

4. Motel Mystic Low Back Swimsuit: $36 ($60)

5. Pour Moi Cross Over Swimsuit: $42.50 ($61)